Furniture is a big investment. Good care extends the life of the investment. Furniture is as important as the carpet in the appearance of a room. Choosing a service to clean upholstered furniture should entail hiring technicians that can demonstrate expertise in cleaning furniture. Upholstery will have a longer life and stay in good condition if it is cleaned on a regular basis. Most pieces of furniture can be cleaned. That includes dining and living room chairs, love seats and sofas.

General Cleaning Procedure

An on-site analysis will be done to determine the appropriate technique to use. Fabric will be tested to determine the most effective and safest method. Specific fabric determines which cleaning method will be used. Care is taken to ensure equipment does no damage to the walls. The entire upholstery is pre-treated with the necessary cleaning solutions. Embedded dirt is loosened. A rinsing agent is used to flush away soil. The rinse is a pH-balanced, specially formulated rinse that removes deep-down dirt and cleaning solution residue. Whenever possible, hot water extraction is the most powerful cleaning method. Equipment used will have furniture dry in approximately six to twelve hours.

The dust, dirt and other pollutants that collected in the crevices and cracks will be gone. A system to remove pet odors that may be present and treat stubborn spots is also available. The deodorizer neutralizes and eliminates odors at their source. When cleaning is finished, a clean, fresh scent prevails. The furniture will look great for years.


Special Fabrics and Materials

Some upholstery must be dry-cleaned. Those pieces are cleaned by hand using water less cleaning products that ensure delicate upholstery is not damaged. Even leather made furniture needs to be cleaned. It is exposed to the same dirt and pollutants as other furniture. Leather upholstery is also cleaned by hand. Loss of softness and moisture can present an added challenge when cleaning leather. Store bought conditioner and cleaners provide immediate results, but can cause damage over time. Experienced professionals will provide proper maintenance. The leather cleaning products used are the best and safest available. Soft micro-fiber towels are used to remove the soil and cleaner. The conditioner is applied to restore the leather to the luster it had originally.

Added Protection

Protective coating placed on newly purchased furniture deteriorates when dry soil accumulates and the piece is exposed to wear and tear. After the cleaning, the coating can be reapplied to protect the furniture from dry soil damage and hard-to-remove spots. The furniture will be kept clean longer. An invisible barrier is created around the fibers. Resistance to wear and tear, water-based stains and dry soil is improved.

There is no need to settle for drab furniture or buy new pieces. Having sofas and other upholstered furniture professionally cleaned will inject new life into a favorite chair or sofa. All leather and upholstered furniture in the home can be cleaned. Depending on the use, manufacturers recommend upholstered furniture to be cleaned professionally every 12 to 24 months.

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