Turkish rugs are popular throughout the word because of many reasons: high quality, plenty of designs, modern look and worthiness. Put them in any room, and they are going to stand out really well.


Turkish rugs are made from a variety of materials, which can either be manmade or synthetic. The most popular of these are silk and wool. Silk is a material with a high tensile strength, which makes twisting easy. Rugs produced with silk exhibits a high quality. Naturally, the finest silk is derived from silk worms, but that is expensive. As such, manmade silk is also quite common for rugs.

Just like silk, Turkish wool rugs are also made of different qualities. The finest of these originate from sheep that are bred in cold regions or at very high altitudes. They should be made to live in good grazing lands and given plenty of water. Sheep that live in warm regions also produce wool, but this is dry, brittle, and so breaks easily.

Other than this, cotton is also used for making Turkish rugs. Cotton is regarded as a material with less elasticity and more resistance, when compared with wool. This allows the knots to be tied tightly, without the strands coming apart. As such, a more quality rug is produced.


Turkish rugs get their color from natural dyes, which are derived from roots, insects and flowers. Compared to synthetic dyes, they are a better option since they neither bleed nor are affected by sunlight.

Turkish Rug Cleaning Process

Since we are aware of the investment and quality of Turkish rug, we use an efficient cleaning process that does not degrade the quality of your rug nor affect its colors. Here are the main steps of our Turkish rug cleaning process.

1) The first step of Turkish rug cleaning is to conduct a thorough inspection or your rug. We will identify both the construction and composition of your rug. As already mentioned, Turkish rugs are made from cotton, wool silk and other materials. Each of these require a different process to be followed.

2) Once the examination is complete, we will remove all dust from your rug with advanced equipment. The rug is shaken well and all parties are blown away.

3) We test the color of your rug and determine if the dye is natural or synthetic. Natural dyes do not require such care, but with synthetic dyes, we have to be extremely careful so that the color does not bleed away.

4) We pre-spray your rugs with a gentle cleaning agent and apply it evenly on the whole of your rug. These products comprise of water, and have a pH value that is close to neutral. This ensures that the fibers are not damaged.

5) We the rinse rug with soft jets of water so that no residues are left behind. If it is silk, we will just dry clean your rug instead of rinsing.