Persian rugs are among the oldest type of oriental rugs. These are of really fine quality and are truly a valuable addition to any home. Whichever room you use them in, they are sure to look beautiful, especially when you set the right tone, ambiance, and amount of light in the room.
As time passes, Persian rugs can become dirty if not taken care of properly. This mars the appearance of your rug, so how do you get it to look new again? Send it to a reputed Persian rug cleaning service, and they will get the job done for you. In other words, you can send the rug to us, and we will make it as good as new again.

We will first talk about Persian rugs and then take the discussion onto our Persian rug cleaning process.

Handmade and Machine Made Rugs

Persian rugs are of two main types: handmade and machine made. Both choices are extremely popular, but handmade rugs are a better option. The machine made rugs do not match them in terms of originality, beauty or durability. For handmade Persian rugs, you may have to spend more, but the amount is definitely worth it.

Weave of Persian Rigs

Persian rugs are woven by simple materials and methods, but require ages to be produced. Generally, Persian rugs are woven by the Persian Senneh Knot, which is actually just one knot. A woolen strand is passed under a warp, woven around it and then passed under the next one. In this way, the knot can be made in any direction, either left or right.

Materials and Colors

Persian rugs comprise of five basic materials: cotton, silk, wool, jute, and animal hair. The most common of these are wool and cotton, but other materials are also easily available. As for the colors, they are available in many different hues, but red is by far the most popular. No matter whether you go with a scarlet red to a soft cherry color, your Persian rug will look amazing.

Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

We have been involve with Persian rug cleaning for quite some time and developed an ample amount of experience in the field. As such, we have a cleaning process that produces effective results. Here are the main steps, which we follow while cleaning your Persian rug.

    We will inspect the construction and composition of your rug. Depending on the materials used, we decide an appropriate method, and accordingly begin our Persian rug cleaning process. During this stage, we also analyze the types of stains on your rugs and determine suitable methods to remove them We pass your rug through a duster machine, which vibrates it and release all the dirt. We test the color fastness of your rug, and remove the stains as well with our special solutions that will not damage any fiber. We apply a suitable cleaning agent to your rug and then rinse with water. In the final step, the rug is left to dry in a state-of-the-art drying room.