An art in its own kind, rug reweaving to replace a damaged, disintegrated, or otherwise missing part is one of the most common forms of the repairs that can give life to and restore your rug to its original condition.

In your options of the most cost-effective and logical care solution for your rug, the process of reweaving is reserved for unique pieces since unlike the regular ones, Oriental demands detailed attention and professionalism.

The Oriental Rug Reweaving Process

The sole purpose of this method is to conserve that exotic look and the worth of your investment effectively, so that you do not have to throw it away. Our craftsmen are experts at this extensive type of restoration that your rug may need to recover from holes, rips and tears, burns or perhaps from the rather shameful unraveled and fringed ends.

To be familiar with such damage, you must have owed the Oriental rug for some time now and/or have placed it in an area that has the most activity. Maintenance would become a problem and when usage or aging causes significant harm to its structure, you may want to consider reweaving it.

Reweaving is a Detailed & Long Process

Although it is the fiber density and the design of your rug that determines the time duration required, it can be safe to assume that it is a lengthy procedure wherein new cords are connected to its previous wefts and warps. This is more especially the case if as the rug necessitates it, you are recommended to choose a complete, thorough reweaving for your valuable rug to get them back to their initial state.

The spoiled area will be cleaned before threads similar in color and texture to those in your rug are sewn into to create a foundation. To avoid highlighting that part, the method also includes the important intricate matching of the knots to original design.

If You Care for Your Rug’s Unique Design – Call Us Today

Each rug is unique and should be treated as such. Plus, there is the sentimental value that is attached to it. In ensuring that we do indeed offer the perfect services, we procure the experience and knowledge of the weaving techniques from only the best in industry.