Chinese rugs are popular all over the world for their design and quality.
In the initial days, these were hand woven, but as technology advanced, machines came into play.
From then on wards, the rugs were woven by machines.
Handmade Chinese rugs are still available, but they are a more expensive option.
We are a reputed cleaning company that offers Chinese rug care.
Our procedures are very efficient and produce notable results.


Chinese rugs are usually available in light shades and uncomplicated designs. However, some of them also feature bright colors like red and green.


Chinese rugs are available in many interesting designs and shapes. They are not just rectangular; they are also available in round and oval shape.

Most of the designs are floral and usually feature flowers like chrysanthemums and lotus blossoms, which have been rooted in Chinese history since the beginning of civilization.

Other designs also feature birds, clouds and many other symbols found in the Chinese colors. A special category of Chinese rugs is based on landscapes designs of tall, snowy mountains, lakes, trees and the like.

Some Chinese rugs are also inspired from religion and are designed with Buddhist themes. People believe that using these particular rugs will bring them, health, wealth and happiness.

Rug Care

Our Chinese rug care package can be broken down into three main parts: cleaning, stain removal and repair. Though you can choose any of these separately, we recommend that you opt for all three of them for a more prominent result.

Stain Removal

Our first step is to identify the stains on your rugs. Generally, most of the stains are easy to remove, but when pets are a cause, it can be a problem. Pet stains extend deep into the fibers and also contain harmful bacteria and organisms, which can endanger your health. Once we have identified the stains, we use an appropriate chemical for removing it.

Pet stains are handled differently. We first remove the stain, and then we also disinfect your carpet so that all harmful organisms are killed in the process.

Cleaning Process

The second step of our Chinese rug care process is to clean your rug thoroughly.

We first inspect your rugs, and then use appropriate cleaning methods. We will either steam clean or dry clean your rug, and use only mild chemicals. Whichever technique we use, we ascertain that the color of your rug will not fade away and the fibers will not be damaged as well.


As time passes, your Chinese rug can become frayed and old. In such a case, we can repair it and make it good once again. We offer a number of restoration services such as re-fringing, reweaving of hole, and treating moth damaged areas. We restore your rug by a number of techniques such as sewing, darning and patching. The materials, which we use for this are the same or similar to your rug’s original materials.

So send us precious Chinese rug, and will take care of it.