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Mine Kill State Park – Friends Group

This time I wanted to write about our city. Living in NYC could be very acetic and stressful. The heavy traffic, people running, massive population and the subways off course.

In order to keep your sanity its crucial to take a break from the day to day activities and find a peaceful spot to clear your thoughts.

New York as a state offers a lot of green getaways with its many parks and if you just head upstate you will find great parks to relax with lakes and lots of green views like the Mine Kill State Park which is one of my favorites for kayaking.

In the city itself we have the amazing central park which for me is a routing once a week at least to hide from the noise and find a quiet corner to just lay back and enjoy the green trees, water views and watching squirrels climbing their trees.

This is something that we sometimes take for granted that we have easy access to this amazing wild nature just around the corner…
the matter of fact is that all of New York was once like the central park area which is amazing just to imagine that.

As a green company Carpet Cleaning NYC is committed to keep our environment clean and we keep on improving our cleaning methods as organic as possible and we also very involved in community activities to keep our green area in the city as clean as possible.

I encourage all of us to be involved, if u have the spare time in keeping our parks clean and accessible to all the residents and tourist of this great city.


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