How to Know When It Is Time to Have Upholstery Cleaned

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How to Know When It Is Time to Have Upholstery Cleaned

Cleaners, upholsterers, and allergists all will tell you the worst enemy of upholstered furniture is dust. As the gritty matter enters through open windows and doors, it becomes impregnated into furniture.
Think about the all of the dust that accumulates on a table if it is not dusted. That is the amount of dust that lands on chairs and sofas also. It is not as noticeable. When the cushions are sat on, the oil from hair and skin compresses dust into the fabric.
Compressed dirt is nearly impossible to remove with a vacuum. Grit that is compressed, cuts into fiber like a knife. It is similar to sandpaper. The abrasion action is what causes furniture to show wear.

Combine the abrasive action with dust mites, their fecal pellets, food crumbs, and pollens, and you are sitting in the dirt. The average household has kids or pets. If they occupy your home, upholstery should be cleaned at least once each year.

Consequences of Dirt Accumulation

Germs and bacteria are caused by soil that is not removed on a regular basis. As decaying material decomposes, a foul smell is created. If you have allergies, the dust mites on your sofa may irritate them.
Upholstery fabrics are designed to hide dirt with colors, designs, and patterns. While it is not visible, soil still exists deep in the fibers.

Results of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Spots that cannot be removed by methods you have tried are a job for professional upholstery cleaning services. Before getting rid of an old couch, have it deep steam cleaned by a technician who knows how to clean the upholstery fabric of the sofa. Chances are it will look like new when the job is complete.
Professional upholstery technicians inspect the furniture and choose a cleaning solution that is friendly to you and your pets. Freshly cleaned furniture enhances the beauty of the décor and complements clean carpets.

Having furniture cleaned is the ideal way to put the finishing touches on a room. Clean furniture not only looks more attractive, it last longer. Regular vacuuming and dusting combined with occasional deep cleaning keep furniture looking fantastic for a long time.

Do-It-Yourself Recommendations

Vacuuming is the easy part of keeping furniture clean. Clean the crevices and cracks between the cushions are areas where the back of a chair or sofa meets the arms. Upholstered furniture has tags that offer guidance for cleaning.
Read the tag if you attempt to try cleaning upholstered furniture on your own.
It will tell you if a water-based or water-free cleaning product is to be used. If you are unsure, there is no tag or the tag has an X that means professional cleaning is required, call an upholstery cleaning service to handle the job. Professionals know what type of cleaning solutions can be used on the different upholstery fabrics used in furniture construction.


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