How to Clean a Carpet

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Tips on How to Clean Your Carpet

Some people feel if they vacuum every month and blot when there is a stain that they are keeping their carpet clean. They are sadly mistaken. Vacuuming is essential, but not sufficient. Steam cleaning carpets yourself does not constitute cleaning carpets.

In most instances, professional steam cleaning is the only method of protecting the carpet. Professional steam cleaning also protects your health. The quality of air inside a home can be as much as ten times worse than that or outdoor air quality when floors and drapes are not cleaned, and the air is let inside regularly.
Air quality is a significant issue to millions of Americans who suffer from indoor allergies. Experts tell us there are a few carpet cleaning rules to follow to keep the air in a home clean.

They are:
• Call professional carpet cleaners to steam carpets as often as every six months. If pets are in the home, the recommendation is every four to six weeks.
• Vacuum at least once each week, more often with pets around.
• Vacuum slowly
• Take area rugs out for fall and spring cleaning sessions.
• Blot spills immediately.
• Choose carpets that are not dust magnets.

Cleaning Frequency

Many carpet manufacturers will not honor a warranty unless professional cleaners are hired every 12 to 18 months. The requirement on some warranties is 24 months. Experts agree that professional steam cleaning is necessary.
People should not attempt to steam clean carpets themselves. Steam cleaning is the only method that effectively lifts dust that is deep within the carpet. That soil will wear down and rip carpet fibers. Only professional machines can remove all the moisture from a rug that has been steam cleaned. Sickening results occur when people try to steam clean carpets themselves. The home becomes an incubator for mold growth.


Vacuuming is still the easiest way to clean area rugs and carpet between steam cleaning. Experts recommend once per week vacuuming. If pets are around or in high-traffic areas, the frequency should be increased.
Some spots used by pets may need to be vacuumed daily, depending on how much debris is noticed. A common error people make when vacuuming is doing it too fast. By sweeping slowly, the vacuum vibrates the carpet fibers and contains dust in the vacuum.

Area Rugs

The care instructions for area rugs vary. Typically, area rugs should be vacuumed with the same frequency as the carpets. Deep clean them with an old-fashioned broom-beating every six months. Take the outside, shake them, and beat with a broom. Let the rugs air out for the day.

Blot Carpet Spills Immediately

Rubbing stains spreads the goo around and could distort the pile of the carpet or the fluffy shape. Waiting to clean spills allows moisture to seep in deeper. Clean spills the moment they occur. Use carpet cleaner and a clean cloth to dab the stain. Rinse in the same manner with a clean cloth and blot dry. Pile a stack of paper towels held in place by a heavy vase, pot, or can to absorb leftover moisture. Let it sit overnight.

Choice of Carpet

Low pile carpet builds up less dust. Pick area rugs and carpet with short fibers. Experts recommend durable, natural fibers such as wool instead of synthetics.


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