How to Clean Curtain and Drapes

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Tips on How to Clean Curtain and Drapes

Window treatments such as drapes and curtains add the ideal touch of elegance to a home. High-quality curtains and drapes bring life to the interior décor of a room. The downside to having curtains and drapes in a room is they serve as magnets for dust, especially when everyone travels in and out in the summer.
Pollen, allergens, and dust are tracked in. All drapes cannot be cleaned by throwing them into the washer. Washing machines can damage high-quality drapery fabric. It is best to have them cleaned professionally. There are things to do to keep down the dust between professional cleanings.

Read the Labels

Brand name companies manufacture quality drapes. Washing instruction labels are also important, if not more so. Custom made drapes do not come with a care label. It is wise to have them dry cleaned by a professional drapery cleaner who removes dust safely.
‘Dry clean only’ and custom drapes can shrink, lose their shape, or become damaged in the washing machines. Other reasons not to wash drapes include:
•Having no label
•Holes, snags, and fading already exist.
•Fabric is not colorfast.

Curtain and Drapes That Can Be Cleaned At-home Safely

The safest dust removal method between professional cleanings is to vacuum periodically. It is professional cleaning that ensures drapes and curtains retain their color and shape and extends their usefulness.
If the label indicates the curtains or drapes can be machine washed and dried, it is still a good idea to use a hand-held vacuum, clean cloth or sponge, steamer, or lint roller to remove dust. Put them in the washer and dryer when needed.

When you vacuum, pay attention to the folds and vacuum every surface. Dust tends to accumulate in the folds. If you put them in the washer, remove drape hooks. They can cause damage in the machine. Wash and dry them according to the instructions on the tag.
Carefully follow the label directions to thoroughly remove dust and keep from ruining drapes or curtains by using the wrong washing or drying temperature. The fabric for the drapes and lining are typically not the same. If you have doubts about putting them in the washing machine, don’t.

Hand Washing Curtains and Drapes

Test a small inconspicuous area of drapery fabric that is labeled ‘hand wash only’ for damage, discoloration, or fading. If no issues occur when the cleaning agent dries, it is safe to use the process for removing dust.

Steam Cleaning Curtains and Drapes

If you steam clean window treatments, it is best done while they are hanging. A step stool will allow reaching high areas. Let the fabric dry before using a vacuum to remove residual debris and dust.
Performing curtain and drape cleaning at-home is an option. However, the best method to remove dust from high-quality window treatments is to enlist a drapery cleaning service. They come to your home and treat drapes and curtains with the utmost of care.

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