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Difference between Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning for Hamptons Home Owners

People sometimes loosely interchange the terms carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. Carpet cleaning refers to wall-to-wall carpet maintenance. When professionals think about what others classify as carpet, two categories pop into mind, wall-to-wall carpet and Oriental rugs. The fibers used in the two floor coverings are usually different. Most wall-to-wall carpet is made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic, olefin, polyester, and nylon. These fibers are used in wall-to-wall carpet because of their resilience and cost-effectiveness.

Cleaning Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Wall-to-wall carpet fibers keep their shape for a long time and do not distort easily. They respond well to being cleaned with hot water. There are several methods used by professionals to clean wall-to-wall carpet. Hot-water extraction is the most common. Hot-water extraction ensures deep cleaning and thorough rinsing. It gets out allergens, dust, and dirt. Hot-water extraction is a viable option for wall-to-wall carpet that is done in the home.

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Cleaning Rugs

Rug cleaning refers to dealing with moveable rugs. Many Oriental rugs are made of natural fibers. Some are extremely valuable. A carpet cleaner specializing in Oriental and fine rug cleaning has the facility needed to clean these rugs. Rugs are more challenging to clean because the yarns are more densely concentrated than in carpet.
They are rolled and taken to a cleaning plant. The cleaning process for rugs is much different than the process used on carpet. Using a vibrating beating tool, dry soil is beaten from the rugs. An incredible amount of dry soil comes out of the rugs. Pounds of soil come from large Oriental rugs. Simple vacuuming cannot produce the same results.
Area rugs damaged by pet urine need to be treated for odor and sanitized. The rugs are placed in a neutralizing solution that breaks down the heavy alkaline salts. The urine residue is removed. After sufficient time in the neutralizer, the rug is rinsed and fed through a wringer process that squeezes out all standing water. The process is used to neutralize the odor of the urine.
area rug

The rug is then placed in an odor-counteracting treatment. Oriental rugs go into a washing area to be hand scrubbed on both sides with a shampoo, specifically suited for the makeup and fibers of the rug. After being hand washed, all cleaning solutions are rinsed from the rug. It is again fed into the wringer process to squeeze out water. An approximately 15-hour drying process takes place. When it is dry, the rug is examined for the maximum spot, odor, and soil removal. The process is repeated if odor or soil remains.

Get Professional Cleaning in the Hamptons

Oriental rugs are likely family heirlooms or large investments. It is suggested to have them professionally cleaned every one to three years. A highly experienced technician knows the many variables that must be considered when cleaning Oriental rugs.
While they are cleaned differently, the same kinds of risks exist for both carpets and rugs. They can be permanently damaged by poorly mixed or improper chemicals. Brushing can be done incorrectly. Because so much can go wrong, the work should be entrusted to an us today for a local cleaning in long island & the Hampton , NY


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