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Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn

Clean area rugs are attractive and stylish household accessories. They make the home inviting, cozy, and beautiful. Area rugs are exposed to wear daily. Spills, smoking, pet accidents, and heavy foot traffic cause oils, odors, mud, dirt, and dust to be trapped in the rugs. Proper maintenance and rug cleaning prolong the life of an area rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Clean rugs have brightness to them. As dirt settles from the top of the pile to the foundation, the brightness is dulled. Soiling happens so gradually that people barely notice the brightness fading. Even regular vacuuming does not prevent dust from working down to the foundation over time.
Cleaning area rugs is a two-part process. They rug will be dusted and washed. To dust the rugs, professionals invert the rug and vibrate the back to loosen the soil. When the dry dirt has fallen from the rug, a wet cleaning process begins.

If the dusting process is omitted, sludge is created that sticks to the foundation and fibers of the rug. When dried, it will not have the brightness of a properly dusted rug. The gritty texture of dry dirt acts like sandpaper on the rug’s foundation.
It is recommended to have area rugs professionally cleaned at least once in a five-year period. Every year cleaning may be necessary if there is high foot traffic in the room that is adorned with an area rug.

Brooklyn Home Care for Area Rugs

Between professional cleanings, the following maintenance is recommended. Take small rugs outdoors and shake or gently beat the back to knock-out dry dirt. The process is kinder to area rugs than using the rotating brush head that most of the today’s vacuums have.
Older model ‘beater bars’ are even harder on area rugs. Aggressive vacuum cleaning will break down fibers in a rug and increase shedding and a worn appearance. After dust falls from the rug, a bare floor vacuum attachment or natural bristle brush can be used to tidy up the rug.

A broom will lightly agitate the yarn pile of a wool rug and bring up the wool’s lanolin. Lanolin makes wool shiny and soft and somewhat provides natural stain resistance. A broom should be used on larger rugs to loosen pet hair and dry dirt.
Brush all the dirt onto the floor. Vacuum the area that surrounds the rug. If you feel vacuuming is necessary, use the bare floor vacuum attachment to be as gentle as possible. Sweeping is also an acceptable means of smoothing and cleaning Oriental rug fringe.
A broom cannot suck up and break the fine cotton fibers. If pet hair dictates using a vacuum, start at the rug’s center and vacuum to the edges. Do not vacuum back and forth. The center-out technique prevents fringe from being sucked into the vacuum.

Let Washing Rugs to Professionals

Having area rugs professionally cleaned is like sending the rugs to a spa. Whether cleaning contemporary or Oriental rugs, professionals have an exclusive process that gently and safely revives the beauty, luster, and color of area rugs.
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