Advantages of Green Carpet Cleaning

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. Products used are highly effective carpet cleaning formulas that work to remove stains and clean deep into the carpet. No harmful cleaning liquids are used. Products meet OSHA standards.
The non-toxic, environmentally-safe formulas encapsulate dirt and crystallize when dry. The process prevents re-soiling of the treated area by left-over residue. The residue and encapsulated soil are easily vacuumed.

Pet, ink, dairy, and other difficult stains that once required expensive and hazardous spot removers can be removed from upholstery and carpets safely with environmentally friendly products. Various types of cleaning equipment are used. The equipment includes steam extractors, shampoo machines, and hot and cold water extractor equipment. Hand brushes are sometimes used to apply the solutions.
Professional cleaners are making the transformation in the way carpets are overhauled. State-of-the-art technology, that uses 200ᵒ F water to submerge carpets, is sometimes utilized. The method efficiently removes mites, stains, and dirt as well as the foul odor that prolonged exposure to human perspiration, soil, air, and other foreign material causes.

Avoid Do-It-Yourself

Many environment conscious consumers try to improvise carpet cleaning solutions with materials found in the kitchen. These products can be harmful to the health of humans and pets if they are inhaled or ingested.
Placing carpet under direct sunlight is an eco-friendly means that do-it-yourselfers use to disinfect carpets. Bacteria, exposed to extreme heat or cold temperatures, stop multiplying and die. Using this method can affect the quality of the carpet. Direct heat from the sun causes carpet wear and tear that leads to material decay.

Dangers of Harsh Chemicals

Carpet cleaners use natural ingredients in their cleaning agents that protect the environment and the species that live there. Commercial agents mixed with water in river basins and oceans block oxygen marine animals need to survive. Water and detergent mixtures create a toxic substance that fish find harmful. Algae is prevented from forming. The lack of algae creates insufficient food supplies for marine animals.

In residential areas, commercial cleaning agents that accidentally combine with drinking water when they enter pipes, cause severe health problems. The problems include poisoning and stomach depletion from a chemical reaction to the body.

Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

While natural cleaning agents are more expensive, they are the most cost-effective. The efficacy of natural ingredients lasts longer. Advanced technology is used to extract pure substances from natural ingredients to yield the desired outcome.

Using natural cleaning agents reduces the frequency of carpet cleaning. Natural cleaning agents act as disinfectants. Synthetic products aim to transform foul odors into positive ones. Your investment is for long-term safety rather than short-time convenience.
Promoting a sustainable environment and a healthy household are the reasons behind professional carpet cleaners transitioning to green cleaning products. Customers are offered healthier, safer, and cleaner options. Non-toxic, safe cleaning solutions have a minimal environmental impact. Eco-friendly solutions can be used on Oriental rugs and upholstery as well as carpets. Harsh chemicals are not needed to clean deep and refresh carpets.


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