Why You Need to Clean Your Carpets ?

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Why Do We Clean Carpets?

Wall to wall carpets in the house not only provide luxury and warmth but also offer a comfort underfoot that is not matched by other floor coverings. Although relatively easy to maintain and very durable, carpets require more than just a regular vacuum to stay fresh – you may be surprised to know how much dirt vacuums really miss. The carpet may look clean, but unseen oils and dirt that vacuums miss will work their way into the bottom of carpet fibers to where the naked eye cannot see. This will degrade carpet quickly and, should the carpet ever be damp (through spills or cleaning), will attract even more dirt. Many vacuums worsen dust by sending it through the air, either because they are not fitted with the appropriate filter, or by the use of a beater brush. Studies show that dust in carpets may contribute to health problems such as asthma, especially in young children or allergy prone adults. So not only does dirty carpet have the potential to cause health issues in the family, it also means that your carpet will wear faster! There is really no good reason not to ensure your carpet is as clean as it could be.

Why Choose Professional Cleaning?

The best way to extend the life of your carpet and ensure that your house is fresh, clean and healthy for the entire family is with regular professional cleaning. Be wary of ‘home remedies” that encourage you to deep clean and sport clean your carpets yourself. Every carpet has a different blend of carpet fibers – do you know what yours is or how to identify it? There is usually no label listing the materials on wall to wall carpets, so you may end up using the incorrect method and end up with a damaged (and still dirty!) carpet. It is best that only the appropriate cleaning method for the carpet blend is used and we at Pro Rugs NYC are the experts in that. We make it as easy to clean your wall to wall carpets as it is to clean your individual rugs.

The Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning services use the latest and best equipment and pH neutral cleaners to ensure optimum results. The initial assessment will inspect the rug and identify any stains or high-traffic areas that require extra TLC or repair. It is at this stage that our carpet technicians will determine the best cleaning method for your carpets. Generally, all heavily soiled areas are treated first and the carpet is cleaned thoroughly using our special blend of carpet-safe soaps. This means that no stains are left behind, and that no dust or other residue remains. We can also offer deodorizer and moth treatments if desired. Our carpet cleaning process leaves behind a spotless carpet with absolutely no damage at all. Unlike some other carpet cleaning companies, we will not cause the color in your carpet to fade when stains are removed as every precaution is taken to ensure the integrity of the carpet is maintained. We offer a free estimate and quote service for your convenience.


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