Organic Carpet Cleaning in Brooklyn

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Those looking for chemical free cleaning of their carpets need to look for a carpet cleaning company that specializes in non-toxic, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning. These experts use all-natural, organic products that clean as effectively as the traditional products they replace.
Such companies are committed to the natural preservation of the exterior and interior environment. The chemical-free products they use are pet and child-friendly. They are ideal for people suffering from allergies.

Toxic Cleaner Horrors

When toxic cleaners are used, the environment is heavily impacted. The harmful effects of dumped, rinsed, washed, sprayed, or poured cleaners are all the same. There is a risk of toxins entering the water and air. Both of these elements come back to us and are shared with people at large.
You may be surprised by the number of chemical ingredients that are listed on product labels of non-organic cleaners. Some of the most harmful ingredients in carpet cleaners are:


Some studies have found these elements to cause infertility, hormonal imbalance, and endocrine issues. There are organic alternatives that are healthier than the traditional toxic products. Being aware of the potentially dangerous chemicals helps in avoiding them.
Carpets, made of synthetic fibers, are often treated with toxic chemicals. By using non-organic cleaners, you are compounding the problems they cause by adding toxic chemicals to a surface that contains toxic materials.

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Reasons to Employ Organic Carpet Cleaners

Professional organic carpet cleaners in Brooklyn work for both residential and commercial clientele. When professionals use organic carpet cleaners, the noxious fumes of former products are avoided. Perhaps the primary benefit of organic carpet cleaning is that it does not pollute the air.
Traditional carpet cleaners left a thick vapor that hung in the air and caused indoor air pollution. A host of symptoms that are serious concerns of indoor air pollution include:

•Irritation to eyes, nose, and lungs
•Asthma attacks

Using organic carpet cleaners substantially reduces the potential for the growth of mold. Most organic cleaners are dry. The dry product minimizes the environment where mold spores sprout and flourish. Professional carpet cleaners who specialize in natural cleaning, use products that are not only nontoxic but biodegradable.
The Cleaning Process

Leading carpet manufacturers recommend having carpets steam cleaned. Steam cleaning provides the freshest, cleanest carpet. A hot water extraction is used. You have the peace of mind knowing the harmful bacteria and germs that cause the flu, colds, and other respiratory issues are removed from the carpet.
A double filtration system and an all-season drying process are insurance that the carpet cleaning experience meets the expectations of the customers. The double filtration system eliminates minerals, iron, and rust from a city’s water supply or a well that would make deposits into the carpet fibers.

The all-season drying process shortens the drying time. The appropriate equipment speeds up the drying time whether it is hot and humid or cold and dry outside. The part of the process that separates organic carpet cleaners from other carpet steamers is the green products they use.


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