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Being a leading carpet cleaning company means that customer comes first.
Our 15 years NYC Carpet Cleaning business was developed from word of mouth and we care for every work, no matter what the scale .when a client calls for a rug or upholstery cleaning, we try to understand its real need and offer him the best solution to its budget. Working with “My Home” means staying a satisfied client that refers new client .

We have many advantages to offer our new clients such as:

    Excellent customer service
    Unique cleaning methods specially for pet stains
    Same day service in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Westchester county
    Free pickup and delivery
    Free estimates on site
    Updating clients in each step of the process of area rug cleaning
    Affordable rates
    Insured & bonded

No hidden charges with Carpet Cleaning NYC

We believe in full transparency to our clients and no hidden charges practices so we have listed basic cleaning pricing on our website, so clients know the min charge for the service.

Any special needs like stain removal are evaluated on site (free estimate) so we can be accurate and give final price.

Quality service is not just a phrase

When we say quality we mean all our techs are professional certified craftsman. We use our own facility and we do not subcontract so you know you are dealing with a real company and not a middle man.

Professional Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan

Cleaning wall to wall carpet entails more than vacuuming. Heavily soiled carpets require shampooing to restore their appearance. Deep cleaning keeps carpet colors vibrant and reduces dirt particles and allergens ordinarily not removed by a vacuum.

No matter how hard homeowners work at cleaning their wall to wall carpets, eventually professional rug cleaning in NYC will be necessary. Home carpet cleaners are to carpet cleaning what fast food is to fine dining. They scratch the surface. At least once each year, a deep cleaning that only professionals can provide with specialized equipment should be done. The job is correctly done by a trained technician who knows what has to be done.

Technicians and Equipment We Use For NYC Carpet Cleaning Services

Wall to wall carpet cleaning is done properly by professionals. Technicians are trained to inspect, clean and restore carpets. Skilled technicians have the experience needed to deliver thorough carpet cleaning that is safe. Hypoallergenic cleaning products are used. Allergy sufferers are protected. The solutions are environmentally friendly. Equipment and systems that are safe are used.

Truck mounted units remove the necessity of bringing machines into the home. Water or drains from the customer’s home are not used. The specialized cleaning and drying systems have been tested to protect families and furnishings. Specialized vacuums, hoses, and wands are used.

The high-quality cleaning solutions are hard on dirt but not children or pets. Effective stain removal methods and equipment are used that make carpets look better. The carpet will be cleaned and sanitized.

 carpet steam cleaning NYC

Wool is the most common carpet fiber. Until the 1950s, it dominated the carpet industry. Nylon took over because of its lower cost. Wool hides soil and is naturally fire-retardant. Because it hides dirt so well, the life of the carpet as well as odor issues and air quality can be affected. Wool accepts dyes easily. Stain removal can be challenging and should be done by professionals, especially set in stains.

The Cleaning Process

A process is used that cleans deep fibers, rinses out cleaning products and soil, and leaves the carpet clean bright and fresh. A carpet protector is used to keep it clean for a longer time. Cover guards are used to protect woodwork.
All average size furniture is moved. Large items such as long pieces of string, coins and nails that can cause damage to a vacuum are reported. The carpet is vacuumed before any cleaning solutions are added. Without vacuuming, the cleaning process is similar to cleaning carpets that are caked with mud.

An out-of-the-way area is tested to ensure the carpet will not react badly with the cleaning solutions used. A conditioning cleaner is applied. The cleaning method appropriate for carpet fibers is used. Hot water extraction will not harm wool fibers. That is the most effective method of removing fiber-eating, gritty, greasy soil from carpets. Expert hand spotting is done.

A speed drying process is used. Grooming to add luster to the carpet is carried out. An antimicrobial/deodorizing treatment eliminates unwanted odors. Perimeter baseboards are dusted.
An overly hot cleaning solution should not be used. Bleach is not used. Bleach can dissolve carpet fibers.
Steam cleaning every year by a professional cleaner with the proper skill and knowledge is the best way to keep wool and conventional wall to wall carpets looking their best.

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