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☑ Area Rug Stain Removal
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☑ Pet Odor Treatment / stain removal
☑ Drapes Cleaning
☑ Upholstery Cleaning
☑ Couch cleaning
☑ Mattresses cleaning
☑ Organic and natural soap cleaning
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Best Carpet Cleaning Services in New York City

Our Customers’ First moto has made, a leading tri state carpet cleaning company.
Over the past 15 years our business has grown due to the positive word of mouth recommendations from our customers. It is gratifying how many satisfied clients have referred new clients to us. No matter if the job for rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning is large or small, we approach it with the same Customers’ First attitude. When a potential or returning customer calls, we carefully listen to understand the issues and then offer the best solution for their budget.

Whether you are a new or returning client we offer:

Excellent customer service
Unique cleaning methods specially developed for problematic stains, including pet stains
Same day service in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester County
Free pickup and delivery
Free estimates on site
Updating clients regarding each step of the process for area rug cleaning
Affordable rates
Insured & bonded professionals

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No hidden charges with Carpet Cleaners NYC

We believe in full transparency. Therefore, we have listed our basic pricing on our website, so clients can know the minimum charge for each cleaning service. We offer rugs cleaning ranging from $2/sq.ft and up for onsite cleaning of machine made rugs. When you receive your bill you will not be surprised with hidden charges.
Any special requests such as stain removal, restoration etc are evaluated on site and are included in our free estimate, providing an accurate, final price.
Any special needs like stain removal are evaluated on site (free estimate) so we can be accurate and give final price.

Quality Service is Not Just a Throw-away Phrase

When we mention quality service, we mean all our techs are professional certified craftsman. We use our own facility. We do not subcontract out any services. You are dealing with an actual rug cleaning / restoration company that is vertically integrated. Every service we offer is completed by our people as we believe in local carpet cleaning services.

Professional Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan

Cleaning wall to wall carpet entails more than just vacuuming, it is not a do it yourself carpet cleaning NYC task. Heavily soiled carpets require shampooing to restore their original appearance. Professional deep cleaning keeps carpet colors vibrant and reduces dirt particles and allergens that are generally not removed by ordinary vacuuming.

No matter how diligently NYC or tristate homeowners clean their wall to wall carpets, eventually a professional rug cleaning in NYC, or elsewhere in the tri-state area will be necessary. Consider this comparison: Home carpet vacuuming is to professional carpet cleaning, what fast food is to fine di ning. We recommend that at least once each year your wall to wall carpet receive a deep cleaning that only professionals can provide with their specialized equipment. Our trained technicians know what has to be done to do the job correctly.

Technicians and Equipment We Use For New York Carpet Cleaning Services

We can’t emphasize enough that it requires a professional for wall carpet cleaning to be done properly. Our technicians are trained to inspect, clean and restore carpets.

Our skilled workers at carpet cleaning NYC have the experience needed to deliver a carpet cleaning that is thorough and safe. We use hypoallergenic cleaning products so that everyone including allergy sufferers are protected from harsh cleaning products. Our cleaning solutions are not environmentally harmful. As an environment-friendly corporation, we have certified organic options that are children and pet friendly.

With our truck mounted units, it is not necessity to bring large machines into your home. We do not even have to use water or drains from the customer’s home. Our specialized cleaning and drying systems have been tested to protect families and furnishings. Specialized vacuums, hoses, and wands are used. Although the high-quality cleaning solutions we use are effective on dirt, they do not harm children or pets. Our effective stain removal methods and equipment will not only clean and sanitize, but also make carpets look better.

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FACT: Wool is a popular carpet fiber because of its durability and natural resiliency. Until the 1950s when synthetic fibers were introduced, it dominated the carpet industry. Wool hides soil and is naturally fire-retardant. But because it hides dirt so well, odors can be retained and one’s air quality in the room along with the life of the carpet will be impacted. Some stain removal can be challenging with wool carpets particularly if the stain has seeped past the natural oils inherent in the wool. We believe that set in stains should be removed by professionals such as ourselves.

The Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning NYC uses a process that cleans deep fibers, rinses out cleaning products and soil, and leaves the carpet clean bright and fresh. We recommend a carpet protector, such a Scotch Guard, be applied to keep the carpet cleaner for a longer time particularly if there are animals in the house, or the rug is located in a heavily trafficked arrea.

Before starting the cleaning process, our technicians will use cover guards under the rugs to protect woodwork. All average size furniture is removed from the carpet area. The technician will look for and remove from the rug anything such as long pieces of string, coins, or nails that could cause damage to the professional vacuum. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed before any carpet cleaning NYC solutions are added to the process.

Once the appropriate carpet cleaning NYC method for the carpet fibers (synthetic versus natural, like wool, cotton, silk) is selected, an out-of-the-way area on the rug is tested to ensure the carpet’s fibers will not react badly with the cleaning solutions. A conditioning cleaner is applied. Note that our hot water extraction method does not harm wool fibers. We consider it the most effective method of removing fiber-eating, gritty, greasy soil from carpets. If necessary, expert hand clean-spotting is done. No bleach is not used since it can dissolve carpet fibers.

Nearly all commercial carpet is nylon. Sometimes carpets will have a two-fiber blend. Knowing what type of fiber you are dealing with is critical in understanding its cleanability. Otherwise you could damage the rug’s fiber, color, or alter its texture.

Finally a speed drying process dries the rug. Grooming to add luster to the carpet is carried out. Some clients request an antimicrobial/deodorizing treatment, in addition to the regular cleaning to eliminate unwanted odors. Perimeter baseboards are dusted. We leave your home clean and tidy.

Steam cleaning every year by a professional carpet cleaner with the proper skill and knowledge is the best way to keep wool and conventional synthetic fiber wall to wall rugs looking their best.

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Pet Marks / Pet Odors and other Pet Issues

Dog and cat urine, when not handled correctly, can certainly devastate rug fibers. Most pet owners have had to deal with their animal’s pee or vomit on their carpet(s). We suggest that you immediately immerse the area with water, soaking it up with paper towels or clean rags. You will find lots of advice online regarding the proper way to clean up a pet’s accident.

If the accident occurs on expensive oriental rugs, we highly recommend calling carpet cleaning NYC so that the cleaning job can be done correctly with no damage to the carpet.We base our carpet pet odor elimination process on advanced technology and the latest developments in the field. We use quality compounds, and your carpet will smell fresh when we are done with it.

Whenever a carpet emits a pet odor, there are likely pets stains on it as well. Thus, our first step is to identify these stains by subjecting the carpet to ultraviolet light. Once we have located all the stains, we neutralize and steam clean them. Even though this steam cleaning is enough to eliminate the odor, we go a step further by treating the carpet with a deodorizing agent which has a pleasant smell. We also recommend a Scoth Guard treatment to further protect the rug.

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In many hosueholds, pets are treated as members of the family. But our dear fuzzies tend to leave a lot of hair and often stains on rugs and upholstery. Some pet hair is extremely difficult to vacuum. If not eliminated systematically, pet hair can lead to allergy symptoms in some people. My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care offers powerful and deep vacuuming to eliminate all pet hair from the carpets and upholstered furniture.

Upholstery Care

With our extensive carpet cleaning NYC experience with carpet cleaning NYC items in Manhattan, NY you can find variety of cleaning solutions. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean your arm chair, sofa or queen size bed mattress – we know ways to wash it quickly, skillfully, at a reasonable cost.

Upholstery / Drapery Cleaning

With our extensive experience cleaning upholstery items in Manhattan, NY, we will find the best cleaning solutions to your problem. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean your arm chair, sofa, sectional futon, or bed mattress – we know ways to wash it quickly, skillfully and with reasonable cost.

We offer a range of cleaning treatments that are suitable for each upholstered item ranging from dry cleaning (velvet objects) to damp and deep shampoo cleaning which will remove all dust mites leaving your mattress or sectional futon dust free and smelling great.

However, before we begin we always do an on-site analysis to determine the appropriate technique to use for cleaning the upholstered sofa, or chair. Fabric is tested to determine the most effective and safest method. Care is taken to ensure our equipment does not damage any walls. The entire upholstery is pre-treated with the appropriate cleaning solutions.

Once embedded dirt is loosened, a rinsing agent is used to flush it awayl. A pH-balanced, specially formulated rinse removes deep-down dirt and the cleaning solution residue. Whenever possible, we use hot water extraction since it is the most powerful cleaning method. Your furniture will dry in approximately six to twelve hours.

We also are able to remove pet odors and treat stubborn spots if necessary with a deodorizer that neutralizes and eliminates odors at their source. When cleaning is finished, a fresh scent prevails. Your furniture will look great.

Dirty draperies and curtains mar the appearance of an otherwise beautiful room.

Our first step at My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care is to conduct a thorough inspection of your draperies. We examine them thoroughly and take note of all stains and frays, after which we determine a suitable drapery and curtain cleaning method. The draperies are then vacuumed and treated with a HEPA filter machine for more effective results.

During pre-treatment stains are dealt with after which the draperies are either dry cleaned or washed with detergent and water. Upon request we can we can post-treat your draperies with certain methods such as the application of an anti bacterial solution, a stain protectant which will resist the formation of stains or a deodorize treament resulting in a a pleasant, sweet smell.

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Coffee, Wine and other Stains

Inevitably accidents happens and the result can be an ugly stain on your carpet. Over the years we have seen just about every stain possible ranging from the typical wine, coffee, food, blood, to pets’ urine and vomit. Simply contact us, and get immediate and professional help from carpet cleaning NYC . We will return your rug back to its original splendor.

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Our firm carries all the necessary insurance, while our crews and technicians are certified to meet any cleaning requirements in NYC, NY.
We are totally committed to satisfying our customers’ rug cleaning and upholstery needs. 100% satisfaction is our goal. After all, a satisfied customer is a returning customer.

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