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Best Carpet Cleaning Services in New York

Being a leading carpet cleaning company means that customer comes first.
Our 15 years business was developed from word of mouth and we care for every work, no matter what the scale .when a client calls for a rug or upholstery cleaning, we try to understand its real need and offer him the best solution to its budget. Working with “My Home” means staying a satisfied client that refers new client .

We have many advantages to offer our new clients such as:

Excellent customer service
Unique cleaning methods specially for pet stains
Same day service in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Westchester county
Free pickup and delivery
Free estimates on site
Updating clients in each step of the process of area rug cleaning
Affordable rates
Insured & bonded

No hidden charges with Carpet Cleaning NYC

We believe in full transparency to our clients and no hidden charges practices so we have listed basic cleaning pricing on our website, so clients know the min charge for the service.

Any special needs like stain removal are evaluated on site (free estimate) so we can be accurate and give final price.

Quality service is not just a phrase

When we say quality we mean all our techs are professional certified craftsman. We use our own facility and we do not subcontract so you know you are dealing with a real company and not a middle man.

Professional Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan

Cleaning wall to wall carpet entails more than vacuuming. Heavily soiled carpets require shampooing to restore their appearance. Deep cleaning keeps carpet colors vibrant and reduces dirt particles and allergens ordinarily not removed by a vacuum.

No matter how hard homeowners work at cleaning their wall to wall carpets, eventually professional rug cleaning in NYC will be necessary. Home carpet cleaners are to carpet cleaning what fast food is to fine dining. They scratch the surface. At least once each year, a deep cleaning that only professionals can provide with specialized equipment should be done. The job is correctly done by a trained technician who knows what has to be done.

Technicians and Equipment We Use For New York Carpet Cleaning Services

Wall to wall carpet cleaning is done properly by professionals. Technicians are trained to inspect, clean and restore carpets. Skilled technicians have the experience needed to deliver thorough carpet cleaning that is safe. Hypoallergenic cleaning products are used. Allergy sufferers are protected. The solutions are environmentally friendly. Equipment and systems that are safe are used.

Truck mounted units remove the necessity of bringing machines into the home. Water or drains from the customer’s home are not used. The specialized cleaning and drying systems have been tested to protect families and furnishings. Specialized vacuums, hoses, and wands are used.
The high-quality cleaning solutions are hard on dirt but not children or pets. Effective stain removal methods and equipment are used that make carpets look better. The carpet will be cleaned and sanitized.

 carpet cleaning NYC

Wool is the most common carpet fiber. Until the 1950s, it dominated the carpet industry. Nylon took over because of its lower cost. Wool hides soil and is naturally fire-retardant. Because it hides dirt so well, the life of the carpet as well as odor issues and air quality can be affected. Wool accepts dyes easily. Stain removal can be challenging and should be done by professionals, especially set in stains.

The Cleaning Process

A process is used that cleans deep fibers, rinses out cleaning products and soil, and leaves the carpet clean bright and fresh. A carpet protector is used to keep it clean for a longer time. Cover guards are used to protect woodwork.
All average size furniture is moved. Large items such as long pieces of string, coins and nails that can cause damage to a vacuum are reported. The carpet is vacuumed before any cleaning solutions are added. Without vacuuming, the cleaning process is similar to cleaning carpets that are caked with mud.

An out-of-the-way area is tested to ensure the carpet will not react badly with the cleaning solutions used. A conditioning cleaner is applied. The cleaning method appropriate for carpet fibers is used. Hot water extraction will not harm wool fibers. That is the most effective method of removing fiber-eating, gritty, greasy soil from carpets. Expert hand spotting is done.

A speed drying process is used. Grooming to add luster to the carpet is carried out. An antimicrobial/deodorizing treatment eliminates unwanted odors. Perimeter baseboards are dusted.
An overly hot cleaning solution should not be used. Bleach is not used. Bleach can dissolve carpet fibers.
Steam cleaning every year by a professional cleaner with the proper skill and knowledge is the best way to keep wool and conventional wall to wall carpets looking their best.

carpet cleaning benefits

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If you are looking for a true carpet & upholstery cleaning with a personal touch and affordable rates –we are the right choice for you. Give us a call today and schedule a free estimate onsite.


Do you live in New York City , NY and trying to find carpet, upholstery or area rug cleaning?

If so, you came to the absolute right place. My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care offers competitive costs with supreme expert cleaning service for sofas, wall to wall carpets and rugs, mattresses, water damaged carpets and window curtain cleaning.

As an earth-friendly corporation,we applies only organic remedies that are kids and pet friendly.
We don’t utilize any harsh chemicals that might risk your family.
It’s much advisable to clean every 6 months your upholstery & area rugs and keep away from insects and allergies which are resulted from not cleaning your carpet and sofas intensely and properly.

My Home Carpet and rug cleaning Services

My home Carpet & Upholstery Care is a local cleaning service offering exactly that. We have years of practice and know the best way to cope with any matter that needs professional carpet cleaning on site.
We present economical fees, qualified staff and speedy drying out procedure for carpet, furniture and rugs in Manhattan, NY.

Call us today at 212-6580618 to get a free evaluation on site.
We work from 8 am to 6 pm and are also obtainable on weekends.
Our firm carries all insurance necessities and certified team to meet any cleaning requirements in NYC, NY.
We are vastly committed to our customers’ gratification and making sure every project, minor or large, is getting all that needs to give a 100% satisfaction assured.

A satisfied customer is a returning customer and we’re convinced that as soon as trying our carpet and rugs cleaning services in NYC, you’ll be satisfied and send new family members and friends to employ our exceptional service.

Can you clean your carpets yourself?

Sure. If you kept vacuuming your carpets and rugs every month so they should be in a good state and a nice vacuum with your domestic vacuum cleaner should be acceptable.
But still, for those who didn’t clean them over 6 months you must obtain a certified carpet cleaning because currently the dust mites are deep within the carpet’s fibers and a usual home carpet vacuum machine won’t give good results.

MY Home Cleaning services in Manhattan:

•Deep shampoo care
•Upholstery cleaning
•couch cleaning
•Mattresses cleaning
•Area rug cleaning
•Wall to wall carpet cleaning
•Four-legged friend stain and odor removal
•Persian rug repair&restoration
•Drapes cleaning
•Water damaged cleanup
•Organic and natural soap cleaning
•On the house pickup and delivery
•Free estimate on site

Rug Cleaning

Washing area rugs can be a different story and in most cases is absolutely not recommended to be cleansed with your vacuum cleaner.
The reason being each rug is constructed from different materials like coat, silk or cotton and you will probably well damage the rug’s fibers for those who don’t aware of how to clean it.
My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care experienced personnel in NYC, NY are educated to clean and fix any rug issue you might have. An expert understands exactly what is essential to remove chocolate, wine or blood bothersome stains from rugs specifically when high-quality rugs are blemished.

On no account attempt to clean handmade rug yourself – Phone us to get a proto visualize your fine rug without spending a dime.
We offer rugs cleaning ranging from $2/sq.ft for onsite cleaning, for machine made rugs .

area rug living room

Pet Marks and Pet Odors

Every pet owner understands the situation of coming your apartment from work and realizing pee or puke dirt over the carpet. It’s very significant to get rid of it or steep it with soaked paper towel but what most vital is always to straight away ring a reliable cleaner, whoever has the proper cleaning methods and a machine to wash it systematically. Dog urine, when not handled correctly, will certainly devastate your rug fibers.

Colors Restoration

Color bleeding is a common issue, specifically when suffering of water damaged rugs that have been sitting wet for quite a time. colorings start to lose as well as merge with other colors which enable it to affect the full pattern and design of the rug. This situation demands an instantaneous care.

My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care be able to fix any sort of color bleeding matter, especially with oriental fine rugs, by using natural dyes that match the basis color and design of the area rug.

Moth Damage

Moths are a frequent trouble in most any residence and especially with carpets and rugs that were long time stashed in a storage.
For everybody who is confronting moth damage with your carpets, don’t press the panic button, just give us a phone call straightaway and we will take care of it Shortly.
My home moth damage progression includes icing the moth that soaks the carpets inside a unique soaking bathtub, submerging the fibers and eliminating the moth.

Coffee, Wine and other Stains

Spilling coffee, wine or perhaps blood stains on carpets and rugs, happens everyday.
Did you have a chaotic graduation event at your house . on the weekend? Or possibly your kid spilled water or worse, colored your great area rug? Don’t be concerned, simply loosen up contact us, and get immediate and professional help from carpet cleaning NYC to get it out and bring your rug to the original magnificence.

Upholstery Care

With our extensive experience cleaning upholstery items in Manhattan, NY you can find variety of cleaning solutions. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean your arm chair, sofa or queen size bed mattress – we know ways to wash it quickly, skillfully and with reasonable cost.

Pets Issues

As many as we love pets and they’re true members of the family, pets definitely are a big foundation for hair drop and stains in the case of upholstery. Pet hair is extremely difficult to vacuum using a usual home warehouse carpet cleaner or even robotic vacuume.

My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care offers powerful and deep vacuuming to get all pet hair away from the carpet and sofas.
When not eliminated systematically, pet hair might lead to allergy symptoms, specifically to infants inside the house. Pet urine and urine typically can get poisonous and leave an awfully caustic stain if not taken care of straight away.

Different Cleaning Strategies

We supply a range of cleaning treatments that is suitable for each upholster item.
From dry cleaning (velvet objects) to damp and deep shampoo cleaning which will take all dust mites out and leave your mattress or sectional futon perfumes great, bright as well as dust free.

How to Determine Carpet Fiber

Every carpet fiber has unique qualities of its own. For that reason, it is essential to know the type of fiber in your carpet. There are four main categories.


Nearly all commercial carpet is nylon. Sometimes it is a two-fiber blend. Knowing the fiber being dealt with has two benefits. The first is understanding its cleanability. How easy or difficult is it to remove stains or spots? Knowing the type of fiber allows the right choice of cleaning products to use when removing most soil without causing damage to the fiber or color, or altering the texture.

Frightening Concept

The following suggestion may seem a little unorthodox, but it is a way to test unknown carpet fiber. It is a burn test. Remove a bit of carpet fiber and light it on fire. Take it from an inconspicuous spot such as a closet, corner, or another low-traffic area.

Use a tweezer, to carefully extract a single strand. Move to a location that will avoid causing an accident in the room. Hold the strand in the tweezer and slowly place it in the flame from butane lighter.

Pay close attention to the odor, appearance, and action or the strand. Synthetics such as olefin, polyester, and nylon will arch away from the flame. Natural fibers such as wool do not move away from the fire.

If you are still uncertain whether the fiber is natural or synthetic, try to crush it between your fingers. There is little or no residue left from synthetic fibers. A noticeable residue is left behind when natural fibers burn.

Further Fiber Determination

There is a specific burn quality that helps identify the type of fiber. It should be stressed again, the importance of carefully examining the fiber as it burns.


Nylon burns organ at the tip and blue at the base. There is no smoke until the flame is extinguished. The flame sputters out. It emits celery- or wax-like smell when it burns. It leaves behind a brown or gray bead that is round and hard.
Nylon is stain resistant, but the wrong chemicals can hurt the resistance. It stains easier than other synthetic fibers. Use a fabric protector or have the carpet professionally cleaned.


Polyester carpet fibers produce an orange flame and black smoke. The strand sputters and drips. The odor given off is sweet. The bead left behind is firm and shiny.


Olefin, like nylon, burns orange at the tip and blue at the base with no smoke. Especially distinguishing characteristics between olefin and nylon are the odor given off and the appearance of the flame.

Olefin flames burn evenly, quickly, and do no sputter. The smell emitted is tar-like, similar to asphalt. The hard, round bead left behind is light tan or brown. Olefin is both stain and chemical resistant.

It is hydrophobic that can cause wicking problems. Soil and stains rise to the surface after a carpet dries. Professional cleaners know how to avoid the problem.


Wool carpet fibers sputter; have an orange flame with very little if any smoke. The odor smells like singed hair. Black ash that will crumble when touched is left behind. Strong chemicals and wool are not a good combination.
Wool dissolves in chlorine bleach. Removing stains is difficult. A professional carpet cleaner knows the right products to use on wool.

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Our service area contains the next zip codes in New York City,NY:
10021 / 10022 / 10023 / 10024 / 10025 / 10065 / 10028 / 10128 and many more ..

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Drapes Cleaning

I called for a free estimate on site, price was reasonable and they picked the drapes at the same time. 2 weeks later they came back, bright as new!

Thank you.

Wine stain on carpet

This is the 2nd time we are using My Home and they don't disappoint. organic cleaning is a must if you have kids.

Thank You!

Sofa and rug cleaning

We used these guys to clean our velvet sectional sofa and one wool rug. the service was very professional, smooth and organic! which was very important to us since we have 2 kids in the house.

Thank you Nancy, we also love organic cleaning. our preferred method when having kids and pets around.

Office cleaning

My Home cleaned our 1200 sq.ft upper east side office carpets that was full with coffee stains and managed to take off 90% of it completely.

Thanks, Dave. Nice to hear you liked our work!

Area rug

We are happy with the results of the cleaning. price was reasonable as well.

Thank you, James, it was a pleasure serving you guys!

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